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You Should Know These Interesting Facts Regarding Our Body’s Temperature

The body can naturally regulate body temperature and adjust it to environmental conditions. Increasing the condition of human body temperature can be a sign that something is happening, whether it is related to the severity of the disease, or indeed the body is cold or too hot. There are many unique facts about human body temperature that you might not realize. That’s why from now on we recommend you to use your AC more carefully. Meanwhile, you can call the air conditioning repair singapore if your AC needs to be repaired.

Here are the interesting facts that you should know:

Body temperature always changes

The normal body temperature of an adult is 36.5 to 37.5 degrees Celsius. While babies have a higher body temperature than adults. It’s because babies sweat less when they feel hot. That also makes why babies experience fever more often than children or adults.

The body temperature can also change according to its environmental conditions, for example when exercising increases and decreases at night. If you look at your body temperature with a thermometer in the afternoon, the results can be higher than if you measure it in the morning.

When smoking, body temperature rises too

Did you know that smoking can increase body temperature? Actually, this is because you breathe smoke from cigarettes, and the temperature at the end of the cigarette is 95 degrees Celsius. Now, when the smoke is inhaled into the nose and then goes into the lungs, the temperature in these organs will increase.

When your lungs are hot, these organs cannot perform one of the important functions of cooling or removing heat from the body. This is what ultimately makes the body temperature become high. When you stop smoking, your body temperature will return to normal in about 20 minutes.

Do you often lie? Body temperature also increased at that time

Spanish researchers at the University of Granada are still investigating this phenomenon. It is suspected that this occurs because of the body’s response when you lie. When someone is lying, anxiety and fear of being caught will appear. At that moment, your body will cause some responses, such as your heartbeat will increase and your body temperature will get hotter. Finally, the area around the nose and eyes will feel warmer too.

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