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There Are Several Myths About Alcohol You Should Know

Some people really can’t escape from alcoholic beverages and even feel addicted to these drinks. This can happen because they consume too much alcohol too much. For that, usually, alcoholics will need an alcohol addiction treatment center so they can recover from their addiction. Because alcoholism will greatly affect their activities.

Apparently, there are some myths about alcohol that you also need to know in order to be able to distinguish between right and wrong. some of the myths about alcohol that you need to know are

1. Taking alcohol before bed can make you sleep soundly
You may have been offered alcohol when under stress or insomnia. Indeed, many believe that alcohol can make you calmer so you can sleep well. Eits, wait a minute. Eating alcoholic beverages before you sleep will actually interfere with the quality of your sleep, especially during the REM (rapid eye movement) bed. If you cannot enter the REM stage, your sleep cycle will be disrupted. You are also more prone to wake up in the middle of the night.

2. Vomiting can prevent motion sickness
The best way to prevent hangovers or hangovers is to limit your alcohol consumption. Vomiting your drink will not have too much impact on your blood alcohol level. This is because alcohol is very quickly absorbed by the body. Alcohol will enter the bloodstream and spread throughout your body, including the brain, in just minutes. So, the alcohol in the stomach that you vomit actually has very little left.

3. The longer it is stored, the more quality wine is made
This is not necessarily. Because each type of wine is different. Some types of wine will not increase in quality if it has passed one year from the production period. Even wines that are past their expiration date must lose a lot of their antioxidant content.

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