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The Use Of Cannabis For Pets Is Still A Controversy In The USA

After the presidential election last November, most of the states in the United States approved the use of cbd oil dogs for medical purposes. Even eight of the states also legalize the use of marijuana for recreational purposes.

So, if marijuana helps some people to feel more comfortable, what about pets? For example, a dog named Willy, from a type of Lhasa Shih Tzu that is now 16 years old. According to the owner, Michelle Batten, the cream colored dog from Portland has experienced various health problems. The condition is related to his age. Willy is known to suffer from rheumatism and excessive anxiety due to loss of vision. Unfortunately, the usual painkillers made Willy slow. “So we use cannabinoid capsules,” Michelle Batten said.

Cannabinoid in this capsule comes from hemp, a type of cannabis plant that does not cause hallucinations. “I am very happy with what I see. He is much calmer. He sleeps better. He wasn’t sick and wasn’t worried, “Michelle Batten said again. Willy didn’t look like a drunk animal either.” No, not at all. It’s just calmer, “answered Michelle Batten.

Batten brought Willy and another 14-year-old dog to the Hawthorne Animal Clinic, which advertises holistic care for pets. An owner of a clinic, Dr. Wagner said, pet owners switch to treatment with marijuana or marijuana. This is similar to various problems faced by humans today, including symptoms of cancer, chronic skin allergies, lost of appetites, etc. “Five years ago when I started working here, there was no cannabis type of hemp or cannabis. Now we talk a lot about that, “Wagner said. Wagner told dog owners that their animals were far more sensitive to the effects of marijuana than humans.

The Wagner Clinic only provides a number of non-prescription drugs, non-psychoactive vitamins containing hemp-type marijuana, such as the pill swallowed by dog Willy, twice a day. “We have capsules,” Wagner said. Hemp marijuana for pets is generally not prohibited, unlike marijuana. “Legally, we must be careful about that. Although the use of marijuana for recreation is now permissible in Oregon, as a veterinarian we may not prescribe it, “he stated.

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