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Important Things To Know Online Journalism

Technological developments at this time greatly affect the world of journalism. With these developments, journalists or audiences can spread or get information or news easily. However, in the dissemination of information or news that is owned by a journalist or audience can be misused for example, there is plagiarism or overstated news. You can visit online Abbonizio pages to learn all about journalism.

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You may not take or use someone’s image at will. In other words, we must first permit the person who has a photo or picture. For your information, you can use the same image from one shade or media company, because in the media you can use pictures of fellow journalists and on behalf of the company to upload the image or photo

Every photo that is in front of the public certainly has copyright. If we take information, news, pictures or the like it is better to use a link or source from where it came from, so as not to be accused of plagiarism. The link takes us as readers to other sources and it makes it easier for readers to access clearer and more detailed information.

Transparency or openness is also important to note. A journalist is a professional job, from which he must disseminate information according to what he gets, not to cover up any information, must not cover up one’s mistakes for his interests. Journalists are required to be open in their work.

Sometimes gifts, money or the like really make a journalist can’t stand this. However, at this point journalists or journalists may not accept, gifts, money, envelopes and the like, it is better to donate only if the gift cannot be returned. Because, if we accept the feared thing, the reporter will be more impartial and the news that is disseminated is not balanced.

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