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Get Passive Income From Youtube

There are so many article writers that promise you that the ways they deliver are the way to make Passive income from YouTube. However, you need to be vigilant because most of the tips offered are just a series of cliched motivational words, can only change the way you think or discuss things on the surface.

This time we will share some of the ways you can get money from Youtube:

1. Creating a YouTube Channel

This step is the first step that you should not miss. Create an account first on YouTube if you don’t have one yet. Try signing in to YouTube (you can use a Google account to enter and register, rather than filling out all the form data from the beginning). Then make your channel. Think about what names appeal to your YouTube channel and how your channel concepts, how your channel theme or character compares to similar channels or channels.

2. Monetization of YouTube Channel

Try signing in to your YouTube account, select the “account information” menu located on the top right and click “Creator Studio”. Then, on the menu on the left, select “Channel” and click “Status and features”. Finally, select “Enable Monetisation”. Then agree to the agreement.

3. Connect YouTube Channel to AdSense

After activating monetization on your YouTube channel, you need to do your associate and approved AdSense account on your YouTube account. Later there will be a YouTube Analytic feature that you can use to track your earnings, which will be paid only if you complete or follow the existing Youtube payment threshold.

4. Optimizing the Monetization Function on the YouTube Channel

To optimize your YouTube channel, you need to fulfill the following criteria or follow:

Videos must be user-friendly
The content must be your original work so that it can be promoted
The copyrighted videos that you plagiarize from the internet will not produce anything so it is better to undo your intention to make plagiarism
Your video must pay attention to the Terms of Service and Community Guidelines that have been made by YouTube
Once your video has activated its monetization function, some ads will appear in your next video

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