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Everything About Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom is a room where a person can carry out activities to cleanse the body of all forms of dirt that may be attached or even expelled by our own body. The bathroom is the only place in the house that has the highest level of privacy. In general, the bathroom can be divided into two types, namely “wet” and “dry”. Do you need different bathroom renovation recommendations? If this is right then you can ask recommendation from trusted people. Besides that, you can also benefit from the online reviews people share on blogs or social media.

Renovation of bathrooms is not an easy job, especially if the renovation is on a large scale because it is related to clean water piping systems, dirty water pipe systems, and solid sewage pipe systems. Are you planning your bathroom renovation in the near future? If so, have you started buying supplies that you will need?

Have you made the decision to really change around the bathroom or just make a few changes? The first thing you have to do of course is to carefully plan the changes. The following are items that must be considered in planning to renovate a bathroom.

The size of a bathroom depends mainly on available land. If the house is large, you can make a large bathroom. However, if the area of ​​the house is limited, the bathroom must also be adjusted. Another factor is the activity carried out in the bathroom. If the bathroom is used as a place to dress up or you are happy to take a bath, of course, the size of the bathroom must be bigger.

Bathroom with a dry floor looks cleaner. The concern is there must be a separator so that the dry floor does not get wet. For example by using a glass fiber separator or wet parts can also be made with a lower surface and separated by plastic curtains.

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